Hispanic Heritage

Voice of Experience: Shana E. Ramirez, Partner, Katten

“What makes you a good attorney is learning from your mistakes—almost that trial by fire aspect that lets you constantly grow,” says Katten’s Shana Ramirez. Ramirez began her career in the finance area of law in New York after graduating from University of Michigan Law School. She moved to Los... Read More

Unlocking the Power of Latino Employees in the Workplace

Guest Contributed By Julia Taylor Kennedy and Pooja Jain-Link , CTI Latinx Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary – and ever-growing – economic influence of the Latinx community in the United States. The buying power of the Latinx market is currently $1 trillion and projected to... Read More

Mover and Shaker: Cassandra Cuellar, Associate at Shearman & Sterling

By Cathie Ericson Being inquisitive and asking a lot of questions is one of the best ways to move ahead, whether you’re working with a partner or client, believes Shearman’s Cassandra Cuellar. In addition, she recommends that professionals always maintain a positive attitude, showing up and treating every day like... Read More

Mover and Shaker: Liliana Bauer, Marketing Director, WEX Latam

By Cathie Ericson “I once heard that we should listen before acting and think before reacting. The adage is one that has stuck with me and that drives my leadership style in a significant way,” says WEX’ Liliana Bauer. “Thinking for ourselves, rather than just repeating the ideas we hear,... Read More

Voice of Experience: Ximena Herrera-Bernal, Counsel in the International Arbitration Group; Shearman & Sterling, London

By Cathie Ericson For counsel Ximena Herrera-Bernal, a multi-cultural background offers plenty of advantages including better emotional intelligence about how to adapt to different cultures and changing environments. Versatility and resilience also come as the result of operating in different legal cultures.  “Starting my career in Latin America, where barriers... Read More

Voice of Experience: Patricia McCarthy, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

 By Cathie Ericson It’s your responsibility to proactively guide and shape your career, recommends Goldman Sachs’ Patty McCarthy. “Being an active networker ensures that people think of you when opportunities arise, but it also allows you to be better at your current job,” she says. “Networking allows you to form... Read More

Voice of Experience: Grissel Mercado, Counsel, Shearman & Sterling LLP

To succeed in any industry, you have to create a profile for yourself both internally and externally, says Shearman’s Grissel Mercado. “Young attorneys tend to focus on delivering excellent work, which is important, but also expected. You also have seek out opportunities to network,” she says. Her area of capital... Read More

Voice of Experience: Ilka Vázquez, Advisory Partner, PwC US

“Bragging or self-promotion ” has a bad rap, but according to PwC US’s Ilka Vázquez, it shouldn’t when done right. “I think it’s ok to brag a little about your impact and what you’re bringing to the table,” she says. “We assume someone is noticing our great work and will... Read More