Enjoy our LGBTQ and Ally coverage all of June

Here at we celebrate diversity and differences all year long but give extra focus in certain months to certain themes.

June is Pride Month in many countries in the world, with NYC hosting World Pride this year. This coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising which is the place where civil rights for LGBTQ Americans began.

The bad news is that fifty years later, someone can be legally fired from a job, because a manager or business owner doesn’t approve of the person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, in a majority of US states. The Employment Non Discrimination Act or ENDA which has been in circulation since 1994 and has not yet passed despite a historic recent victory of the passing of the Equality Bill. This important bill was passed on 17th May by the House of Representatives to try prevent this type of discrimination but still has to clear Congress so LGBTQ people are far from safe from subjective decision making by a person who decides to create a ‘less than me’ dynamic.

The good news is that we will shine a light on amazing LGBTQ women and Allies this month as well as talk about what you can do to be a great Ally.

We will also look at how great companies are pushing for progress in the legislative vacuum and are making positive changes in the world. Sometimes, it is about changing the world and sometimes if all you can do it change your corner of the world to make it better for the people around you, then that is a good start.

Enjoy the articles and profiles.

And, walk the talk on your values.