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group of business women - career-adviceHere at we are always looking for great people to profile.

Over 12 years we have profiled nearly 1,000 women! We have certainly honored our mission of telling people’s stories and continue to do so…we quite possibly could be the longest running online magazine in existence that has focused on career advice for professional women!

The important work continues, and it starts with you!

If you would like to be considered or have someone to nominate please let us know by emailing

We do have criteria: Voice of Experience (our Monday column for the past 12 years without fail) is for women in financial or professional services firms or in Fortune 1000 firms who are Managing Director/SVP and above.

To be considered as a Mover and Shaker, Rising Star, Intrepid Women or Men Who Get It, please tell us more about you.

We also have a thematic calendar to tell deeper stories regarding the many identities we all hold. We are welcoming suggestions for these months now:

  • May – Asian Pacific Heritage Month
  • June – LGBT Pride and Allies Month
  • September – Latina Leaders (Hispanic Heritage Month)

In addition, we accept guest pieces and op-eds where appropriate.

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