Happy New Year!

Nicki Gilmour2017 marks the 10th year anniversary for as we begin to crank up our virtual presses again to inform, inspire and empower you as professional women navigating your careers. We aim to help you by providing you with information, expert opinions and advice which you can use in the best way you see fit. We specifically help you in your individual circumstances by coaching you and connecting you to each other via our events.

This week we offer 5 of the best articles that I have enjoyed as publisher in 2016. In case you miss great articles, we will highlight our picks every 6-8 weeks to recap them this year based on what we feel is most useful.

Beating Bias: How Technology Is Changing the Recruiting Game

Why You Should Avoid Overwork To Be Effective In Your Job

Resilience: Why “Storms” Are Critical to Leadership Development

Stereotypes at work: Do women buy into them just as much as the next guy?

Pack your Bags: Why you might want to get ahead by going abroad

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Enjoy, and here is to a great 2017!


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