Black History Month

The Black Ceiling: It’s Not A Minor(ity) Problem

By Aimee Hansen Even though 2017 was a record year for women in the C-Suite amidst Fortune 500 companies  (32 women in CEO jobs, vs. 21 in 2016) , no African American women have sat at the helm since Ursula Burns stepping down at Xerox in late 2016. Soon there will be only... Read More

Black History Month and Your Role in Helping Others

By Nicki Gilmour, Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist Black History Month is about celebrating amazing people of color. For us on we celebrate women of color and all types of women all year long but we do recognize that intersectionality is real (simply put, being a woman with another... Read More

Black History Month

We hope you have enjoyed our featured articles and career profiles during Black History Month. Take a look at some of our Featured Black History Month articles from previous years: Black History Month 2016 – Honoring African American Women in Business In honor of Black History Month 2016, this month... Read More

Black Women Leaders in Business: Will Recent Losses Wake Us Up?

By Aimee Hansen Across the past twelve months, four African-American leaders have stepped down from positions of high visibility in the business and political world. What’s most striking about these few departures is the size of the gap created by them, highlighting an African-American representation among women in leadership that... Read More