Calling All Imposters

By Monisha Jayakumar, Portfolio Manager with Wells Fargo Asset Management’s Analytic Investors Team Imposter Syndrome. It’s a term I’ve heard a lot recently. It seems... Read More

The Power of Resilience

Guest contributed by Aleksandra Scepanovic According a report by American Express, “Behind the Numbers: The State of Women-Owned Businesses in 2018,” as of last year... Read More

Cryptocurrency needs women to reach a tipping point

“How can I start a career in crypto when I know nothing about it?” A bright-eyed student asked bravely but timidly.I’d just completed a talk about my career journey that led me into the wild and wonderful world of crypto and blockchain to a group of about 80 Wharton business school students.

Women’s History Month Offers an Opportunity to Reflect on the Importance of Women Leaders

In honor of Women’s History Month, it’s important we take the time to celebrate our accomplishments and the progress we have made as working women but also to reflect on the work that lies ahead so women in all professions, particularly in the legal field and others that are traditionally male dominated, can achieve gender parity and equity – especially at the leadership and partnership levels.