LGBT Celebration

LGBTQ Rights: Why Companies are Leading the Charge

 By Aimee Hansen With civil liberties at risk, companies have become the unexpected heavy-hitting champions of LGBTQ rights. During Pride Month, theglasshammer often focuses on advocating for equality within corporations, but companies are increasingly playing a powerful role in driving equality within broader society. Companies are proving to be the... Read More

Voice of Experience: Shannon White, Managing Director, PwC US

Being “out” at work has been incredibly beneficial for PwC’s Shannon White, and she believes it is important for others to do the same. “When you’re hiding yourself, it takes a lot of energy, and you don’t have the same reservoir of mental effort to devote to relationship-building or being... Read More

Men Who Get It: Ashutosh Mondal, Business Analyst, UBS

Leaders make all the difference in encouraging and supporting a culture of diversity, says UBS’ Ashutosh Mondal. “They set the standards for the team and model acceptance,” he says, adding that not only does it create a more positive internal culture but it helps with recruiting as well. “Actions speak... Read More

Coming Out, Connecting and Finding Allies

By Nicki Gilmour, Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist This week and this month on we are celebrating LGBT women at work and the Allies that champion and support them. We do this series every year in June since we aim to inspire professional women at work and if you... Read More

LGBT Leadership Update: Rising Corporate Activism and Executive Pride

By Aimee Hansen With June, we turn to Pride Month on the diversity calendar, so let’s focus our spotlight to recent progress on advancing LGBT inclusive business cultures and LGBT executive leadership. Corporate Activism Defends LGBT Rights Recently, state law setbacks to the LGBT community (and human rights) have one... Read More

Mover and Shaker: Ann Gaboriault, Senior Manager, Accenture Technology

“I joined Accenture in 2000 after getting a master’s in management information systems. 15 years later, I’m still here.” Ann Gaboriault started as a consultant on Oracle products and quickly specialized in financial systems within the Natural Resources industry, working on different projects across Canada and the U.S., and eventually... Read More

Voice of Experience: Julie Silverman, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

For Goldman’s Julie Silverman, coming out to her colleagues was an important statement, particularly due to the small number of openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people working in the financial services industry at the time. She acknowledges that while support of LGBT people in the workplace has increased... Read More