LGBT Celebration

LGBTQ Update: Building A Rainbow Pipeline

By Aimee Hansen In this month of a historic milestone towards LGBTQ rights in Congress, supported by an unprecedented number of business allies, theglasshammer explores the increasing business case for – and arguable inevitability of – greater LGBTQ executive leadership in the C-Suite. Status: real progress amidst real discrimination. According... Read More

Enjoy our LGBTQ and Ally coverage all of June

Here at we celebrate diversity and differences all year long but give extra focus in certain months to certain themes. June is Pride Month in many countries in the world, with NYC hosting World Pride this year. This coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising which is the place where civil rights for LGBTQ Americans began. The bad news is that fifty years later, someone can be legally fired from a job, because a manager or business owner doesn’t approve of the person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, in a majority of US states.

Voice of Experience: Jennifer Barbetta | Partner, Goldman Sachs

By Cathie Ericson “Be on the short list,” recommends Jennifer Barbetta, a partner in Goldman Sachs’ Investment Management Division. From her own experience, she knows that unique and challenging projects don’t simply “fall in front of you,” and that when senior managers are kicking off a new business, they’ll look... Read More

Being LGBTA at Work – Out and Awesome

By Nicki Gilmour, Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist “People are strange when you’re a stranger” or so croons Jim Morrison from The Doors. Being different from the historical majority group still has its challenges, and being LGBT in a world of heteronormativity, no matter how cool people are, can make... Read More

LGBTQ: Inclusion Means Being Visibly Valued, Not Just Accepted

By Aimee Hansen Last year, theglasshammer covered how corporations are taking the unexpected lead role in advocacy for LGBTQ rights, amidst the debasing of governmental protection and condoning of discrimination. As companies continue to do so – for a multitude of reasons possibly as a direct response to the regressive... Read More

The Game Changing Power of Allies

Guest contributed by Lisa Levey In the challenging work of supporting diversity in the workplace – and diversity as it relates to social justice more broadly – allies play a critical role. But before exploring why allies make such a difference, it makes sense to begin with the question: what... Read More

Voice of Experience: Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Global Vice Chair of EY

By Cathie Ericson When Beth Brooke-Marciniak first started her career, she found she was intensely focused on the job at hand, rather than paying special attention to building relationships along the way. But she soon learned the importance of building those by giving to others. “If your relationships are built... Read More

Voice of Experience: Ruth Punter, Director in Tax PwC UK

By Cathie Ericson For PwC’s Ruth Punter, diversity takes many forms: Most obviously, of course, she is a woman working with clients in the male-dominated financial services industry. She also is an openly out gay woman, and then takes care to mention her intermittent mental health challenges that have also... Read More