What we offer

We advise employers on how to create a working environment which is conducive to high team performance as well as the continued development and success of women.
We conduct this work via our consulting arm  Evolved Employer, and the ways in which we can help your firm include:


Provide specialized leadership and development courses for women.

Provide specialized leadership and development courses for all talent (dominant and non-dominant group)

Build your women’s network (or other ERGs) or develop content for your existing networks.

Connect ERGs with business and talent strategy.

Diagnose problem areas and create solutions to implement for the improved attraction, development and retention of women in your firm.

Provide specialized leadership and intercultural development courses for leaders of all types (translating unconscious bias work into behavioral results for dominant and non-dominant group members).

If you have any issues that you would like to discuss please call Nicki Gilmour for an exploratory call on +1 646 6882318 or email