The Glass Hammer Coaching Services
Evolved People Coaching – Evolve, Advance, Succeed

We believe coaching is important for women to advance at work.

We believe coaching is the best and most direct way for anyone (man or woman) to advance at work.

Our coaches are certified by Columbia University and we use Columbia University developed methods to help you find answers to your challenges, while building the right muscles for growth and insight for future challenges.

We give you the ability to talk things out with an expert who can guide you to the right questions that you need to ask yourself and others. We work with a process than lends to working with you as a “whole person” allowing transformative coaching to take place.

We coach both men and women but we recognize that women often face systemic issues that require a deep understanding of the operating environment and we have the ability to work with you on “systems thinking” otherwise known as the bigger picture

We are ultimately interested in seeing people succeed and go on to lead all types of people – locally and internationally (if that is what you want to do, the point is, it is truly your agenda and we are here to help you, empower you and support you while helping you be the best you can be)

When to use us as your coach:

  • When you realize your paradigms just do not serve you anymore
  • When you are looking to change jobs externally and need guidance on how to find the right fit and negotiate the right deal
  • When you are looking to be promoted within your firm (specialize in senior promotions, and strategic planning for the job beyond the next one)
  • When you are thinking of changing industries
  • When you lead or co-lead a network or ERG
  • When you are dealing with severe organizational politics and it is impeding your performance and your motivation.

Corporate Rates available upon request.

Contact: Nicki Gilmour on +1 646 6882318 or via email


If you are interested in getting coaching from experts, you can book an exploratory 15 minute conversation with Nicki Gilmour on Tuesdays.
If you are a client already, you can also reserve your session time.