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How To Get Promoted

If getting promoted at work is on your goal list for the rest of the year, or part of early ruminations for a new year... Read More

Got laid off? What to do next.

Companies downsize and restructure, and if you are reading this from a seat in the financial services industry then you know that this cycle is probably about to start soon if you haven’t already seen some movement on this already. If your company is downsizing and you got a tap on the shoulder informing you that your team is being consolidated and there is no place for you or in a more extreme fashion, they even marched you out of the building, then what should you do? Recover.

Unpacking Stress at Work Part 1: Mismatched Expectations!

As a coach, many clients come to me because they are somewhat dissatisfied at work. Often they have been happy for years and a new structure or a new job in the firm has made them question if they should leave the team or even the firm.
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