Intrepid Woman: Stephanie Sandberg, Executive Director, Team LPAC

Stephanie Sandberg is a fan of bringing your whole self to the lunch table, or anywhere. “There’s so much energy that is consumed by not saying the things you are thinking,” she says. So right up front when she was at a business lunch and someone would ask what her husband does, she would blurt out early that she was with a woman. “It helped ease the conversation and provided me a sense of wholeness,” she says, in urging young gay people to be open with their reality.

Unpacking Stress at Work Part 1: Mismatched Expectations!

As a coach, many clients come to me because they are somewhat dissatisfied at work. Often they have been happy for years and a new structure or a new job in the firm has made them question if they should leave the team or even the firm.
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