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The Importance of Not Losing Yourself – in Work or Motherhood

Attending the needs of our children and responding to the demands of work may leave us with a sense of stripping us apart - especially when there can seem to be so many demands of both, often times appearing to be in conflict.In the effort to manage and give your energy to both, you may begin to wonder where time and energy for you are in the middle of all of it.

Women’s History Month Offers an Opportunity to Reflect on the Importance of Women Leaders

In honor of Women’s History Month, it’s important we take the time to celebrate our accomplishments and the progress we have made as working women but also to reflect on the work that lies ahead so women in all professions, particularly in the legal field and others that are traditionally male dominated, can achieve gender parity and equity – especially at the leadership and partnership levels.

7 Tips to be A Fearless Saleswoman

I had always wanted a sports car.A few years ago, I finally purchased one. Before I wrote the check for the down payment, my husband cautioned me that the car I wanted was available only with a manual transmission. I had never driven a manual, but I said, “No problem, I’ll learn.”