Post Bonus Job Change: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Nicki GilmourShould I stay or should I go to a new firm now that my bonus is paid as a banker, fund manager or lawyer? Am I on the right promotional track to make it to Managing Director, SVP or Partner or even executive committee?

This is a common question that all executives working in financial and professional services have at this time of year after bonuses are paid. It is very tempting to start to think about how things might be better at a different firm. And, they might b!  But, it is worthwhile to do a full audit with yourself to see where you are, what you want and then consider options around how to get an optimal situation. There are always options, you just need a clear mind to weigh the payoffs and consequences and it helps to triangulate that with data and feedback about you.

You, in context.

As an disciple of I/O psychology (I/O stands for individual/organizational), looking at you as an executive and then you in context of your team and firm, is a crucial way to understand what is totally within your control to change.  And to understand and define what are not things you can easily change as cultural norms are woven in the fabric. A way to do this quickly this bonus season is to ask yourself what has been your peak experience of being in this job over the past year? What was it? (usually a project or a time) and what about it made it great for you? Dissect it. How did it make you feel? How did you show up? What would you do again and what would you not do again, behaviorally (action taking)?

Then ask what was the lowest point in the year? Same questions.

Notice if there are mostly things that pertain to you, or mostly to who did what other than you, and how work got done? Culture is everything. Workplace norms are mostly invisible but form the culture.

You. Just You.

What are your triggers? We all have them. Think about your most stressful moment, what behaviors tend to surface time and time again? If you can identify them, you have a chance at not reacting in the same old ways. This will give you control over tough moments at work and help you to “show up” the way that you want to!

Reflect upon your successes and your failures and what can you learn from both.

It is easy to get caught up in the daily stress of getting tasks done, but always take some time to formally reflect on the bigger picture. Whether it is journaling what is working for you and how certain tasks and dynamics are making you feel or unpacking your annual review with a trusted advisor or coach and always ensure that you are learning from the good and the bad experiences.

Next week we will discuss goal setting and motivation.

If you want to avail of the Winter 2020 coaching offer, we have spaces for new clients wishing to work on the topic of should i stay or should i go. We will be doing a deep dive into what you really want and what you do not want from an i/o perspective. Is it better to stay? if so and that is the answer that you get to using our coaching methodology, then the work becomes about making a plan to stay and succeed. if the conclusion is to leave for a new firm , then we have career change coaches that specialize in supporting you in the job search and secure processes also.

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