Calling all African American Women Professionals – Visibility Matters


We believe visibility matters.

On the Eve of the Martin Luther King Junior Holiday, we wanted to put out a call for more amazing African American women to be profiled as part of Black History Month coming up in February.
If you are a black female professional or are a woman of color in financial services, tech, law of Fortune 1000 we want to hear from you.
We profile all types of people all year long so it is really Black History Month is a heritage celebration and we are totally cognizant around how a person chooses to identify as opposed to identities that we put upon people.
Language matters and we know that not every person of color identifies as ‘African American’ whether its an inaccurate mantel or just a choice, we want to tell stories that honor how you relate to your heritage ( if at all).
The latest trend is to consider people of color as ‘multicultural’ which is true for some people but not all and I believe it is a disservice to use catch all slogans and buzzwords that in the US are implicitly drawn along racial lines only. I have lived in 5 countries and grew up in a split identity nation ( Northern Ireland) yet am I considered multicultural? Yet again, a term that is not evenly applied can be equally helpful and yet a silo since it buries the real conversations that need to be had, in my opinion.
You, according to you, versus you according to them and the perceptual gap of who you are in actuality as opposed to who others believe you to be is everything.
All of us have been a recipient of stereotyping at some point and it is annoying and inaccurate to say the least and is shown to be detrimental to your career if you cannot individuate yourself beyond what people think you are due to your ethnicity, skin tone, gender, LGBT status etc.
We would love to tell your story, give you visibility and inspire others coming up the ranks with your personal pathway to professional success.
Happy MLK day- celebrate history, his legacy and beyond that, think about how your actions can contribute to progress, equality and equity among people.
Email if you are interested in having your career profiled