Don’t be afraid of learning and using technology in all aspects of your life to further your career

women stressedWe are holding our 6th Annual women in technology career event in November if you are a woman in tech- please do apply to come to this great event in NYC.

I recently went to a tech conference (a partner organization called Lesbians Who Tech) which was great networking and generally very enjoyable to be away from my desk as it is always great to get out when you can and meet actual people.

I learned about many apps and services that can really save time and enhance how people work. So many of my Gen X friends are still avoiding technology when really you can make your life easier so join the revolution and get digital! What takes up most of your day? I find scheduling can eat away at my time so I recommend Calendy for an example of how to reduce the back and forth of arranging times to talk with clients and peers!

By Nicki Gilmour, Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist

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