Taking Your Development Areas and Working On Them

working on a computerThe theme these past three weeks from me has been dividing the tasks you like from the tasks you don’t like at work to help you work towards ensuring your next job is a very good fit ( from the perspective of the details of the work itself, cultural fit is something we will talk about next week!)

Ascertaining what you are not so good at at work is really important as then you can spend time developing yourself with or without formal development or learning programs at your company (it is great if there are programs to help you). However, how do you know what you are bad at? Well, you could have received feedback formally in a review or informally but sometimes the tasks you like least are often the ones you are least developed in and you just know that some of the elements of your job you could do with strengthening your muscles in ( see last week’s advice)

Write a list of what you want to master and carve out time to spend real time to practice – for example: budgets or excel – a lot of this can be self taught. Then there are less tangible areas such as networking which we will talk about for the month of October in this column. Good Luck!

By Nicki Gilmour, Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist

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