Our Research Shows Women in Technology are Eager to Advance

WITfrontpage.tiffBy Melissa J. Anderson (New York City)

The Glass Hammer is pleased to announce the publication of our first ever research paper, “Women in IT: Ambition and Advancement,” produced in conjunction with our sister site Evolved Employer. We polled readers who work on technology teams to find out how they feel about the next level. And not surprisingly, the vast majority of our respondents were actively planning to move to the next phase of their careers.

In fact, four out of five respondents (80.23%) agreed or strongly agreed that promotion is a top priority for them.

But what may surprise you is how fast they plan on moving ahead. Almost half (41.86%) said they intend to change jobs in the next year!

The study also revealed that while these women had big plans for advancement, many of seemed uncertain about the nuts and bolts on how to get there.

Nicki Gilmour, Founder and CEO of The Glass Hammer, explained, “There are many moving parts when it comes to advancement, and it would be prudent for companies who want to best manage female talent in technology to ensure that programs are visible and appropriate to truly serve the purpose of creating opportunities for under-represented groups.”

To download a copy today, click here.