How to Achieve Work/Life Balance

Contributed by Karen Elizaga of Karen is a life and career coach for women and girls.

639615047_44d29eceb3_m.jpgAll too often, the achiever/overachiever in us zealously books appointment after appointment and takes on one commitment after another. At work, we feel compelled to be the “go to” woman in hopes that we will make significant career strides and appear to be infallible in the face of multiple and difficult challenges. Unfortunately, our ambitions and desires to excel can take a toll on our health, emotions and personal relationships.

Admittedly a career can be important, and it may be necessary for you to earn a paycheck. However, let’s consider work in the context of the rest of our existence. It can allow us to feel important and necessary and if we consistently deliver superior work, the financial reward may be significant. But should career concerns pervade our entire existence? Definitely not.

A balanced life allows us to recharge and increases both our overall happiness and work productivity. If you are content with your existence outside the office, you can channel that positive energy to fuel an upward career trajectory.

The following are five tips for creating a life in balance. Use them and see how much more satisfied you are in all aspects of your existence – your emotional, physical and intellectual realms.

1. Take time for yourself. Exercise, nourish your mind, body and spirit and indulge your needs and desires. Your state of mind and body provides the foundation for everything you do. When you’re happy, everyone around you benefits. You will be more engaged and loving with your family and more productive at work.

2. Allot separate time for work and family. As tempting as it is to be connected to your PDA and mobile phone 24/7, refrain from working during family time and vice versa. Don’t allow personal concerns to dilute your productivity at the office, or career preoccupations to interfere with family togetherness.

3. Tackle crucial tasks first. Schedule undertakings in order of importance and then book key appointments on your calendar. Your to-do list will seem less overwhelming as your efficiency increases.

4. Schedule quality time with your significant other. Between work and the kids, passion and fun with your partner can be the first things to suffer. Nurture your romance. The stronger and happier you are together, the easier and more fun everyday life will be.

5. Show your kids that you’re truly present for them. Attend important events and demonstrate that they are top priorities. Children will flourish and respond by being more understanding when you spend time away from them.