Happy Martin Luther King Day!

In celebration of Martin Luther King Day here in the U.S., the Glass Hammer will not be publishing today. That gives you more time to go along with today’s theme, “A day on, not a day off,” and do something to commemorate or demonstrate for civil rights.

In the future, The Glass Hammer will be publishing some articles on the outstanding accomplishments of women of color, and the unique challenges still faced by minority women in the workplace. If you are interested in seeing more coverage of this area, please write in and tell us what you think!

Additionally, The Glass Hammer is now following a new editorial calendar, which looks like this:

Mondays– Voice of Experience interviews- we interview women who have broken the glass ceiling and have made it to the top. What advice do they have for our readers? Mondays are also a chance for us to interview outstanding human beings who contribute to society greatly (as well as being excellent in their careers!). Look out for these articles under Spotlight on People.

Tuesdays– Work/life issues. How to have it all. We also cover Returner Programs on Tuesdays- so if you are looking to off-ramp or perhaps return after a career break, then watch this space!

Wednesdays– Career advice on to “how to” get to the next level. Expert answers from career coaches, lawyers, peers and mentors.

Thursdays– Industry news. We get deep into the functions of different parts of the sellside and buyside. We cover industry events.

Fridays- Fridays is when we can all have a little fun. Tune in for some hilarious true life tales from our writers and readers about what its like to work in financial services. We also cover ” passions” and we would love to hear what you live to do on the weekends! Evolved People have interesting lives.

As always, we love feedback. Write to our editor at to let us know what you love, hate, or can’t get enough of.