100 Most Influential Women in London Awards

Last night on London’s Liverpool Street, there was a glamorous gathering of designer bags and stiletto heels, all assembled with their occupants at the Financial News 100 Most Influential Women in the City Awards. The Great Eastern Hotel boasted a gathering of ladies sporting mainly black and navy suits (both skirt and pants variety), with crisp cotton blouses and luxury silk scarves featured prominently. Dior, Hermes, Ferragamo, Celine, Manolo et. al. were spotted in abundance. The Glass Hammer held its head high with your own correspondent sporting pearls, Gucci scarf and (vintage) Chanel jacket.

Not to be outdone, event sponsors Bulgari and Yves Saint Laurent representatives held fashion sway in couture items that had the assembled ladies sighing with envy – and that was before they saw the shoes…

The girlie gathering read like a diversity headhunter’s fantasy field team – with Clara Furse, chief executive of the London Stock Exchange, mingling with the female movers and shakers of the Square Mile and a few (rather nervous-looking) men.

Winning a highly covetable voucher for a large amount of designer loot was Marisa Drew, Managing Director and co-head of European Leveraged Finance Origination, Credit Suisse. However, she wasn’t there to collect it because she was too busy with her day job…

For those who made it, this was an opportunity to network with women of substance in the City, and enjoy a rare moment’s pleasure in being recognized for doing an outstanding job.

(Oh, and the goodie bags were to die for.)

To see the full list of the City’s 100 Most Influential Women in alphabetical order, go to