Gender Pay Gap

The Girl With The Draggin’ W-2

By theglasshammer team Wells Fargo Securities’ Economics Department recently released a report entitled, The Girl with the Draggin’ W-2, which explores the complexities of the gender pay gap. Following publication, we received many questions from interested readers. Diane Schumaker-Krieg, Global Head of Research, Economics, & Strategy for Wells Fargo Securities,... Read More

Apples-to-Apples, the Gender Pay Gap Exists

This week we hit “Equal Pay Day” on Tuesday, a day which symbolizes the extra days women must work to make the same salary as her male peers did last year. According to the Demystifying The Gender Pay Gap survey by Glassdoor, the biggest myth about the gender pay gap... Read More

Is Temporal Flexibility Key to Closing The Gender Pay Gap?

You don’t need to work in a male dominated occupation to find your pay check weighs light relative to your male colleagues – particularly, if you’re in business. In March 2015, the US Census Bureau released the latest pay statistics from 2013, including median earnings by detailed occupation, showing that... Read More

Narrow the Hidden Executive Pay Gap Starting Now

Women reaching for the top rungs of the executive ladder will want to watch for the hidden pay gap. As Bloomberg writes, “Even top female workers can’t catch a break when it comes to pay inequality.” As women move to senior ranks, the gender pay gap widens. Your best career... Read More