The Glass Hammer Coaching Services

Individualized professional development customized for mid to senior level women (one-on-one)

We believe coaching is important for women to advance at work.

Firstly, we believe that all professionals of both genders can advance in their careers with the help of a great coach. Leadership is “learned and earned” and we can help you know yourself better and understand the landscape better also to navigate the culture that you are working in currently.

We give you the ability to talk things out with an expert who can guide you to the right questions that you need to ask yourself and others

Why coach women? Women often face systemic issues that men don’t always face. We are in your corner, and we understand how to get you to where you need to go. We also coach men as we are ultimately interested in seeing people succeed and lead all types of people – locally and internationally.

When to use us as your coach:

  • When you are looking to change jobs externally and need guidance on how to find the right fit and negotiate the right deal.
  • When you are looking to be promoted within your firm (specialize in senior promotions, and strategic planning for the job beyond the next one)
  • When you are thinking of changing industries
  • When you lead or co-lead a network or ERG
  • When you are dealing with severe organizational politics and it is impeding your performance and your motivation.

Cost Structure for one on one coaching

When hired by the individual:

8 sessions (during 6-12 months timeframe) costs $5000

Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Each “coachee” receives a personalized Hogan Assessment ( 3 leadership reports- executive potential, executive derailers and personal motivations report) worth $400.



Corporate Rates available upon request.

Contact: Nicki Gilmour on +1 646 6882318 or via email

Other Coaching Services delivered via Evolved Employer

(The boutique consulting arm of

Coaching Leaders of ERGs

Leading an ERG in a medium or large institution is an exceptional opportunity for meaningful service to one’s organization and a way to develop skills as well as increased exposure and visibility with senior leaders.

Yet, the role can also come with challenges, such as:

  • Lack of direct experience with organization-wide initiatives and political dynamics.
  • Lack of skills around communicating with various stakeholders of ERG ranging from members to firm’s global management team and other senior executives who sponsor the ERG.
  • Demands of existing “day job” crowd out time for additional responsibilities making the ERG a second or third shift.
  • Lack of strategic planning experience to narrow ERG’s focus and define goals during leader’s tenure for measureable results.
  • Lack of resources to achieve ERG goals.
  • Legacy issues of institutional expectation not matching reality (correctly or otherwise).

Cost Structure

10 sessions (during 12- 24 months timeframe) costs $10,000

Each session lasts 90 minutes.

This can be done as a coaching engagement or part of a consulting engagement where the company hires us to help with the mission, purpose and results of the ERG/network. This work via Nicki Gilmour and her team of chosen experts and partners.

Who does the coaching?

Primarily, Nicki Gilmour but we have a network of several vetted partner coaches that we can match you with as situation and chemistry is everything and we want the best fit for you.



Nicki Gilmour

Nicki Gilmour

Currently as CEO of her own workplace consultancy Evolved Employer and career site and previously as US Managing Director of, Nicki has over a decade of experience building diverse teams and coaching executives.

Nicki specializes in coaching women and men to build successful sustainable careers and to understand the value of leveraging diversity and difference at work when leading teams.

She founded in 2007 to empower women at work and has continued to deepen her expertise by becoming an organizational psychologist and coach, therefore providing a holistic development plan for her clients since even the most talented individual can only thrive if they understand their direct environment and workplace culture.

Nicki has an undergraduate business degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and a graduate economics and business degree from the Universidad de Murcia in Spain, undertaken in Spanish. In the US, Nicki earned an M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology, with an emphasis on Change Leadership, from Columbia University.

If you are interested in getting coaching from experts, you can book an exploratory 15 minute conversation with Nicki Gilmour on Tuesdays.
If you are a client already, you can also reserve your session time.