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  • Nicki talks about the future of the financial job market in a clip by WNBC-NY news on a Dress for Success panel.

  • Nicki was featured in a podcast on, where she shared her thoughts on the impact of the current economic crisis on women, her reasons for launching The Glass Hammer and the future of equality in the workplace.

  • Nicki was quoted on concerning the effect of the current economic downturn on women in law, finance, technology and Fortune 1000 companies. “This is not a gender war, it’s an economic crisis

  • Nicki discusses the gender wage gap, overcoming barriers to career advancement, and other women-in-business issues on a podcast on


  • We were featured as a “personal shopper pick of the week” on Mommy Track’d.



  • Nicki is quoted by the Los Angeles Times concerning the ousting of Erin Callan from Lehman and the pressures on women in the C-suite. Because there are so few women in the first place, there’s immense pressure on these women to be poster children of female leadership…There seems to be an ugly trend that if they do get too many [media] profiles done they seem to lose their jobs.”