Developing Yourself for Your Next Role – One Task at a Time

By Nicki Gilmour, Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist

All jobs consist of are tasks and we prefer some tasks over others.

Make 3 columns and in the first list what you like doing. In the second column, list what you are good at (task wise) as these lists might differ.Then in the third column list what you really don’t like doing. This is a great way to start to thinking about transferable skills for the job that you do want to do next.

So many people spend time in roles where the expected promotion takes them into work they simply don’t like doing (for example, managing more people). The thing is,you have choices, it is your life.

Be honest with yourself, how strategically important are the tasks that you are avoiding? Do they rank highly for your current role? How will they play into your future role?

If there are skills that you need to develop, consider setting time aside formally in your calendar to undertake them on a regular basis as habit can be a great way to embrace them.

But, if you realize that you need to be developing a different set of skills for your next role, then try to identify what those might be.The gap may be small and easy to bridge, or not, but at least you will have a sense of perspective on what you have to do.

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