Why Does Being Recognized in Our Job Matter?

 By Nicki Gilmour, Executive Coach and Organizational PyschologistNicki Gilmour


We all have different personalities and we all have different needs, some based on personality and some based on the constructs and paradigms that we have become attached to over time.  Some people care about status and title and others care about responsibility or money regardless of title. No one is right and no one is wrong as it is just who we are and how we have been formed via socio-norms, our own experiences and also our interpretation of those experiences.

While need for recognition scores on psychometric tests vary person to person, we all have in common a basic need to feel that people see us  in the most primal human sense and that it matters that we are there.

So, what happens if you feel that you aren’t making a difference? That if you left tomorrow, if wouldn’t matter? If it’s at work only* then its time to review what can you do to feel better about your visibility. Or it is possible that you are experiencing burnout and just need some renewal from the grind. So, how do you get that renewal in a busy world with situations that seem to need resolution as quickly as they appear on your radar?

I read an interesting piece yesterday about coming at a hard project with renewed vigor yesterday with  “Rest and Return” being one strategy when feeling stuck. Equally, having a learner mindset, by that I mean, knowing you are there to learn and not judge yourself harshly but rather learn from what happened. This can really help with longevity in any career and in life generally.

If you are in the mood for post Thanksgiving read, there is an easy book that can make you reflect a little of how you frame things to yourself. “Change your questions, change your life”  by Marilee Adams. Or an exploration of your mindset and how a fixed mindset can hinder you will take you to Carol Dweck’s mindset work. 

As a coach, I firmly believe that growth and renewal can only be achieved when you look at past patterns and current mental models and see how they are affecting your future plans.

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**If you are  feeling blue about other areas of your life its probably best to see a therapist or clinical psychologist as well as a coach.