Thought Leader: Barbara Reinhard, Head of Asset Allocation and Senior Portfolio Manager for Voya Investment Management’s Multi Asset Strategy and Solutions team

Barbara Reinhard“Every individual in America — from a Rockefeller to a Jones — will face retirement,” says Barbara Reinhard. “At Voya, we can touch every American’s life, and it’s a powerful investment mission when you realize that the decisions we make will help someone realize their lifelong goals.”

This is the philosophy that weaves its way through Barbara’s work, in both the day-to-day and long-term activities of focus. Currently enmeshed in the firm’s annual update to its strategic asset portfolios, Barbara appreciates her work at Voya because the firm is not a “traditional” asset manager. “Very few asset managers focus exclusively on retirement investing,” she notes. “Most want to be everything to everybody.”

Voya’s work with retirement plans means that the long-term demographic trend for the investment business is very positive. “The need for adequate retirement savings affects all Americans” notes Barbara.

One challenge in today’s environment is the uncertainty surrounding business regulation, but there are endless opportunities as investors seek value-added advice.

Analytics will continue to be one of the biggest tools Voya has at its disposal, which helps drive innovation. “We are increasingly mining big data to help inform our investment analysis and further our understanding of trends,” says Barbara. “This information is exceedingly valuable as we strive to meet our clients’ needs.”

The best advice she can offer other women in the industry? “Early on, identify a good mentor who can give you sage advice throughout your career.”