Why Self Promoters Get Promoted

Nicki GilmourBy Nicki Gilmour, Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist

We have all seen it. The loud person, usually a guy, gets the job. If women are loud, do they get the job? Sometimes yes and sometimes that same approach can backfire as being assertive as a trait seems to have a different impact depending on your gender. We know that there is unconscious or conscious bias around promoting and paying men more for the same job even if women have the same qualifications and experience ( and paid the same money for the same expensive ivy league degree).

But that aside for a second, research shows that self promoters do get promoted more despite everyone deep down knowing that confidence can outweigh actual competence or skill.

How do you feel about self-promoting yourself? Most people do not overly enjoy the thought and go straight to an extreme image. Stop there. Maybe it is easier than you think? Maybe it does not have to be so extreme.

Here are 3 ways to gently self- promote:
  • Tip #1 Talk about your project and the goals out loud ( and throw in how it is all going from your perspective in a positive way)
  • Tip #2 Update direct reports, managers, stakeholders and clients with a “Have a nice weekend, here is where we are at” email.
  • Tip #3 Mention where you want to be for your next role, project or team so that people know you are ambitious and engaged.

Best of Luck!