Best Apps for Busy Women

Keeping in touch with my clientsContributed by Carlo Pandian, blogger for Media Recruitment

Do you ever wish that you had more hours in the day to get everything done?

Between work, household chores, family life, side projects and everything else you are responsible for, it can sometimes feel like your to-do list will never end. Unfortunately, unless you are able to bend the fabric of space and time you will never have more than 24 hours in a day!

However, what you can do is learn how to use those 24 hours more efficiently in order to get more done. This is known as the art of time management. Streamlining your tasks and getting yourself organized will help you to do more with less effort and finally feel less overwhelmed with everything on your plate.

In your quest for efficiency, why not let your smart phone be your time management tool?

You already carry it with you everywhere you go, and now you can use it to keep yourself organized. There are many great time management apps out there for which help you to make lists, schedule appointments, plan your day and much more. Try a few different types of apps until you find the one that fits your needs and helps you the most.

Here are some of the best apps for maximizing your time management.


This is one of the top 30 paid apps on the iPad and it is a great tool for creating a much better to-do list than those notes you scribble to yourself on random pieces of paper. This app allows you to add a lot of special features to your list, although some of the extra services such as goal trackers and external file storage will cost you extra.


Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? It is a way of maximizing your productivity by attacking your tasks in 25-30 minute increments and then taking short breaks. This stops you from getting fatigued or bored and makes your large tasks much more manageable. You can use this technique to make yourself more efficient at household tasks, writing, answering emails or other tasks. The PomodoroPro App helps you to time yourself and stay on track.

Remember the Milk

This is an app which can help you manage your tasks on the go. It goes well beyond remembering to pick up milk at the supermarket as it also allows you to sort your tasks by priority, task name or due date. The download is free, but you will need to go to the Remember the Milk website first before you can use it.


This is a fun and unique app and it allows you to take notes of many different varieties, including audio, text, and image notes. YouNote also allows you to draw notes with the touch screen of your phone and also bookmark important websites along with your notes.


For those who have a lot of things on the go and are very serious about time management, OmniFocus is a super tool. It gives users the option of tracking tasks by person, place or project as well as creating subroutines such as shopping lists, home chores and much more. This is one of the more expensive apps, but it can also be used on the desktop and is intuitive and very easy to use.

Read Demon

If you could master the art of speed reading, you would be able to get through your work a lot faster and free up some spare time. This app will give you lessons in speed reading as well as a word per minute counter. It promises to help you master the art of speed reading so that you can zoom through your business reports and articles.

These are just a few of the best time management apps that you can download now in order to increase your productivity and get more accomplished every day. They can also help you find more time to spend building your career, sharing memories with your family, and just enjoying life.