Tips For Updating Your Resume

Are you coughing from the dust kicked up by your resume as you wipe the cobwebs off of it? If you are looking for a new job but haven’t updated your resume in awhile…here are a few pointers for how to present yourself well on paper and get that dream job.

According to Distinctive Documents, an organization affiliated with The National Resume Writer’s Association as well as the Professional Association of Resume Writers, the purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. It’s supposed to reel your future employer in and prepare them to be blown away by your face-to-face meeting.

Sadly, your resume is also an elimination tool. The markets are tight and your competition is inevitably highly qualified. When you factor in online job applications, employers could receive over 500 resumes on their desk for each position. They will sift through them quickly and pick out about 20 qualified resumes that have caught their eye. So its important that your resume, at first glance, says everything about you that you can’t say in person yet.

On their website, Goldman Sachs posts various tips on what your resume should look like when it lands in the hands of your future boss. First, Goldman recommends you consider the visibility of important pieces of information. Think about block capitals or different size fonts to draw attention to those specific accomplishments. At the same time, think about how your resume looks aesthetically. Make sure that the layout flows well and that the font is legible and not too small or cramped.

Goldman Sachs also says that your work experience listed should not be limited to paid positions. They recommend including volunteer work and positions where you have had responsibilities in your community. Describe any relevant courses you’ve taken that will help the employer see you as a qualified candidate for the specific position.

Also, keep in mind that your resume should reflect your professionalism and other key values that you possess. Besides making sure all your personal information is correct and, again, easily readable, consider your email address. They recommend a mature email address; don’t expect to sell yourself with an email like bigfeet11 or kurlytopp123. Similarly, make sure to present your hobbies and extracurricular activities in a professional manner.

As you prepare to woo your future employers and land that perfect position, remember one last tip; bad grammar and typos are the kiss of death. Leave your resume overnight and look at it again in the morning with a fresh head. Catching that extra “s” or period can make all the difference.

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  1. I just wanted to mention that I really enjoyed your post! I believe you have given your readers a lot to think about and a lot of great advice. I wanted to add more about the formatting of the resume.

    Be sure that the format you choose is not only attractive, but well organized. If you bold one heading, be sure that you bold ALL headings.

    Research the company and figure out how traditional or contemporary they really are. You can base your format choice off that.

    And finally, don’t forget about the actual paper that you use to print the resume on. Use a high-quality bright white paper. That will be best to fax, scan, etc. Also, if you happen to e-mail the resume, be sure to bring the printed resume to the interview so that they have a nice, clean copy in front of them.

    I hope that your readers find this information useful. Thanks for a great post!